Adding the camera to a new smartphone

After the initial installation of the CIP-37210 camera to your smartphone, adding it to a second, third or even fourth smartphone is easy.
One of the steps when installing the camera initially, was to make up a new security password. You may have used the suggested password or you've made up one your own.


Before you start

Make sure the other smartphone does not use the same HomeWizard account; register a different account. Each user should always use a different HomeWizard account.

It's safer this way and easier to keep track who has access to the camera.

Adding the camera

Just like the initial installation, please fill in the Camera ID (the C-number that you can find on the camera). Instead of setting up a password, you use the security password you've set up during the initial installation. After inserting the password, the camera will be added to the app.


The camera is now added to the app. Both users have equal access to the camera's settings and recordings. If you want to check which users have access to the camera, please go to the below link and log in with your HomeWizard.