Installing via WiFi mode


Most cameras and even WiFi doorbells that work with the Smartwares View app (and OMGuard HD), can be installed through ad-hoc mode. That basically means that for the purpose of the installation, the camera is broadcasting its own WiFi network.  

Of course, this network isn't internet, just a WiFi signal. This enables the camera to communicate with your smartphone.  




The camera's own WiFi network

Before you are able to add the camera to your app for installation, please connect the the network the camera is broadcasting. Please check the user manual of your camera to find out what the name of the ad-hoc WiFi network is you need to connect to.

In the case of the CIP-39901 for example, the network name is always ' HD-XXXXX'*

* The multiple X's here are unique to every individual camera

The installation

Now that your smartphone is connected via the camera's WiFi network, it's time to add it the to the app.

Connect to the camera's WiFi network and then add the camera to the Smartwares View App, preferabbly by using the ' Search' function instead of scanning the QR code as the manual suggests.

Once added, the app reverts back to the camera overview, and your camera should be Online. But wer're not there yet.

Completing the installation

In order to complete the installation, all you need to do is to add your camera to your WiFi network. 
Go to the camera's ' advanced settings in the app, head over to WiFi settings next. 

Pick your own network en enter the password. The camera will now stop broadcasting its own ' HD-XXXXX'  network and instead connect your own network. Your smartphone will lose connection to the camera for some time, until both have (re)connected to your WiFi network. 

Please see our installation video on YouTube and/or download the manual here.