The firmware update

Please follow the steps below to install the latest firmware update for the DVRCAR25 Dashcam.

This firmware brings you the following new options:

- Dutch and German language support
- Loop Recording in 1/3/5 minutes.


1. Connect the Dashcam

Connect the dashcam (with the SD card inserted) , do this with the supplied USB cable using one of the USB ports of your PC or Mac.


2. Adding the update file

Your computer will recognise the Dashcam as a USB flash drive, therefore it can be opened as one. Place the file ending in 'bin' into the main folder of the Dashcam. Please see image to the right, the dash cam is located in your E:\ drive.

The installation

Once this is done disconnect the Dashcam from your computer and reconnect it to the mains power (with a USB adaptor) or the 12V connector in your car. Please wait a few minutes, during which the firmware update will install itself in the background. The live video feed will reappear when the update is finished.

Checking if you have been successful

In order to check if the update was successfully installed, please check the firmware version at the 'Version' option in the menu. It should say '
C&D 20180614'


The firmware update has been completed and the Dashcam is now up to date.