1) Please check that your phones settings allow notifications from the OMGuard App:

For iOS go to your phones settings, go into “Notifications”, find the OMGuard HD app and make sure that “Allow notifications” is selected (it can take time for the changes to take effect in iOS).

For Android go to your phones settings, select “Apps”, scroll to OMGuard HD and tap to see options, scroll down to “Notifications” and make sure they are allowed.

2) Come out of your phones settings and open the OMGuard App. To enable text and email notifications go into the advanced menu to "EMAIL ALERT" to make sure the email alert function is enabled and/or the Push Notification is ON to receive texts and that motion detection is ON.

3) Then for emails, go into the advanced menu to go to "EMAIL SETTING". It’s recommended to use a Gmail account. You’ll need to complete all 5 fields and please make sure the email address has been correctly entered.

Note: Internet connection and wireless network interference may influence the performance of push notification service.