There are a few ways to get the recordings from your SD card. 

You can remove the SD card from the camera and using a suitable adapter you can connect this to your computer to copy the files. 

Another way is using your smart device to download the recording directly to a cloud storage location:

Firstly, you need to ensure the following:

  1. You already have a cloud app/service(s) installed on your smart device (iCloud, Dropbox, or Googledrive perhaps, just to name a few.)
  2. Your smart device is within Wi-Fi range of the router your camera is paired to when undertaking this.

Simply select the recorded file on the recorded events list page, select the file you wish to transfer, select download, then depending on whether it is an Android or iOS device, you should see an icon representing a 'share' option

  • image iOS

  • image Android

For example, on an iOS device, if you select the share icon and have Dropbox installed, you may see this image (depending on whatever other apps and cloud services you have of course)


Similarly, on an Android device with Google drive installed, you may see something like this:


You then just need to log into your cloud storage to see the downloaded files.