No sound or poor sound can be caused by a few reasons.

Please check:

1. If there is no sound at all or just a buzzing sound -  Disconnect all wiring and re-connect. Make sure you check the correct cable colour connection or polarity. 

2. If you can hear your visitor but they cannot hear you -  It may be that the indoor unit has developed a fault and may need to be replaced. Double check all wiring then contact our customer service for more information if required as further information would be specific to your intercom system. 

3. If your visitor can hear you but you cannot hear them -  Check for dust/debris in the microphone of the outdoor unit, use a vacuum to clean the holes of the outdoor unit and wipe over with a clean dry cloth. 

4. If you have extended the cable or are using existing cable:

  • Make sure it does not have any breakages or twists. 
  • Check that it is of the correct type. 
  • Check that is does not exceed the maximum recommended length (Check the user manual for maximum recommended length).

5. Always test the product on a table or bench using all the items provided in the box. If the product still does not work as expected please contact our support department through the support section on the website.