If you use one of the following cameras in the Smartlife App you can get a live picture on your Browser on your PC:

Open the Smartlife App and tap on your Camera. You will then see the live image from the camera in the app. Now tap on the three dots at the top right.

Now you access the settings for the camera. Scroll down and select IPC PC client.

Then scroll down again a bit and you will find URLs. Select the URL for your location and now enter it in your browser on your PC.

When you entered the URL for your location correctly there will be shown a website with a QR Code

Go back to the home page of the Smartlife app and select the "+" symbol at the top right and choose "Add device".
After that you will get the following overview. Select the symbol at the top right
Then you have to Scan the QR Code that is shown in your Browser.
Confirm access in the following query.
After that the connection will established and you will see an overview in your Browser. Then look on the left side through your devices and choose your camera. The live picture will then been shown.