Activating smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are often supplied with permanently installed batteries which have to be activated by pressing a button. To ensure that this battery is not empty before the smoke alarm is put into operation, the smoke alarms are switched off completely.

To activate some smoke alarms, it is necessary to press the test button for a certain time as described in the operating instructions. Although the operating instructions often state five seconds, experience shows that it may sometimes be necessary to hold the button down for a little longer.

As soon as the LED indicator turns red, the button should be released. Otherwise it will not work.

The smoke alarm will make a chirping sound when it was successfull.
The smoke alarm should now be properly activated.

Try pressing the test button again to test the alarm. If there is no alarm ringing and no LED indicators are flashing, please contact our Customer Service team.

Example from a user manual:

This solution is for example suitable for the follwing item numbers:
FSM-12300 FSM-12700 FSM-12400 FSM-12900 FSM-12103 FSM-12102 10.006.71 10.024.13 FSM-12102 FSM-12103 FSM-12303 FSM-12100 10.024.76