How to install step by step

Step 1

  • Please download the app Oconnect first, from either the App Store or Google Play.


Step 2

  • Connect to the network HD-XXXXX (each doorbell has its own unique network name).
  • Please ignore any messages about 'internet not available'
  • Return to the app

Step 3

  • Select '+' to add a new camera/doorbell.
  • Select "Model manually"
  • Select "EZ connection" 
  • Select "Existing device"

Step 4

  • Now press 'Search'  and select the DID number that pops up. Tap the DID and it will be entered automatically.
  • Give your doorbell a name of your choosing at 'System Name'.
  • Enter the default password '123456'.
  • Finally, press 'Save'

Step 4

  • The doorbell should now say 'Connected'  in the app. 
  • Tap the settings symbol (cog), and a second settings symbol appears on the center of your screen.
  • Tap the second settings symbol and you will return to the previous screen described at Step 3.


Step 5

  • Tap 'Advanced'.
  • Enter the default admin password: '123456' .
  • You will be asked to change it, please do so.
  • You will now see the Advanced settings menu.
  • Select Basic settings

Step 6

  • Tap WiFi Setup and select the pull-down menu to display all available WiFi networks in range.
  • Select your own network, enter the correct password and tap 'Ok' .
    The doorbell will now reboot and you will return in to the camera overview.
  • It may take several minutes before the doorbell will display 'Connected' again.
  • Your doorbell is now installed and ready to use

Note: Only 2.4GHz networks are supported.