The outdoor unit of my intercom system does not work. What can I do?

Please take a look at the rear of your outdoor unit and check the position of the dip switches. It may be that they are not in the correct position. For example, if you want to set your intercom unit to use the internal battery and its built-in antenna, set the dip switches to the following positions:

1. Built-in antenna (dip switch 1: up)

2. Power off (dip switch 2: down)

Is it possible to connect my outdoor unit to mains via a power adaptor?

It sure is! Before connecting the power adaptor, please make sure dip switch 2 is is switched in the 'up' position. Before doing so, make sure the battery is fully charged.


Is it possible to connect an external antenna to my doorbell?

It is possible to connect an external antenna to gain more range and possibly a more stable connection.
Again, please check the dip switches on the rear of the outdoor unit. Dip switch 1 should be in the 'down' position.