The DIC-23112 has various connection options on the back of the device located under the rubber seal. 

Various functions can be directly connected here.

Point 2.8 Reset Button

To reset the unit, press and hold the button for around 10 seconds and the Red LED will begin to flash. 

Point 2.9 Ringing contact

This is a volt-free, normally open contact which is closed when the bell button is pressed to operate a wired doorbell.

Point 2.10 LAN cable connection

TD+,TD and RD-,RD+ are the connections for the LAN cabling.

Point 2.11 Power supply

The plug-in power supply unit must be connected here.

Point 2.12 Dry contact

This is a normally open contact which is activated by pressing the lock symbol in the app to work with a door lock.

The maximum voltage is DC 12 Volt 1 Ampere.