Here are the steps for setting up:


- Insert a paperclip into hole "R" to reset (this also clears all programs)

- Press "SET" long enough for MO (Monday) to flash, select day with "< or >".

- Press "SET" to set the hours with "< or >"" then "SET" again for the minutes and SET again to end

Attention 4 pm = 16:00


- Press ">"" to enter the programming mode the program number (in this case 1) will blink

Start and end times

- Press "SET" to make program 1 (it is possible to make 20 programs) the days start flashing, with < or > select the day or days on which the program must be activated

there are many possibilities: a specific day, only days of the week, only weekends, every other day,...

- Press "SET" to enter the start time (next to the program number you have for example "1 On") then select the time with "< or >".

- Press "SET" to switch to minutes and then "SET" again, which causes the program number to blink

- Press ">" to set the off time and the "Off" time will appear next to the program number

- Press the "SET" key and then the "<" or ">" key to select the day(s) on which the program should end

note: if for example your program is to be started on a Monday at 4:00 pm and stopped on the same day at 4:30 pm you have to do: On MO 4:00 pm / Off MO 4:30 pm

if your program starts on Monday at 9:00 pm and stops on Tuesday at 1:00 am make: On MO 9:00 pm / Off TU 1:00 am

press "SET" again for the minutes

when everything is ok, press "TIME" to return to the time

Note: to control 1 program press < or > , there are two screens per program, for example 1 press on ">" and you have "1 On" , the start time of program 1

a second press and you have "1 off" the extinction time (you can correct anything you want by pressing "SET") a 3rd press and you get in 2 on,

a 4th in 2 off, etc etc. Attention, the times of the different programs must not overlap, for example there must not be any program that starts on

for example, there must not be a program that starts on Monday at 17:00 if another program starts on Monday at 14:00 and ends at 16:30...

once the programs are inserted, you must choose the activation mode, only AUTO ON and AUTO OFF work with the programming

note that if for example there are 5 programs in the device, the 5 will be executed 1 by 1, there is no way to execute them individually...



The MANUAL button sets the activation mode, by pressing it several times you can switch from one mode to another

ON = manual activation (forced), programs are ignored

OFF = manual deactivation (forced), programs are ignored

AUTO ON = socket is activated and programs are taken into account

AUTO OFF = socket is deactivated and programs are taken into account

I recommend AUTO OFF, a complete example to explain

I want to turn on a lamp from 18h00 to 23h00 every weekend my program will be :

1 On / SA SU / 18:00 - 1 Off / SA SU / 23:00 if I select the AUTO ON mode my lamp turns on immediately remains on

not taking into account the start time the first time the program will run and turn off at 23:00, the next times everything will work in order, if for example if you enter your program on Thursday at 16:00 your lamp will stay on the first time without stopping until Saturday 23:00!

With the Auto off mode the lamp is off and will come on well at 21:00 to turn off at 23:00 the same day, then it will do the same thing the next day



If you use your programmer for presence simulation, be aware that some burglars are starting to get used to programmed turn ons,

They hide in front of your house and note down the on and off times, the random mode allows you to deter them, it changes the execution of each of your programs from 2 to 30 minutes at random!

of your programs from 2 to 30 minutes at random!

for example you want to turn on a lamp every day from 21:00 to 23:00: make a normal program select 1 On / every day / 21:00 - 1 Off / every day / 23:00

and just activate the "RND" (random) button, RND will appear very small on the time display above the seconds and all your programs will start with 2 to 30 minutes

(It will never be the same interval). Press RND to deactivate and all programs will have the same start and end time....