Set-up guide for DIC-23112 Wi-Fi Doorbell


Please follow below for a comprehensive guide on set up of the DIC-23112 Wi-Fi Doorbell.

Please read before installation:

  • The DIC-23112 doesn't support a 5GHz network band, therefore your Wi-Fi network must be on a 2.4GHz frequency during set up. If you’re uncertain about this then please refer to the user manual of your router additionally you can contact your internet service provider.
  • When following the steps below please have the DIC-23112 within 5m of where your router is located. Also the location where the DIC-23112 will be installed, ensure you have minimum 1Mb upload speed (The easiest way of doing so is using a internet speed test on a smart device such as Ookla,this it to be in the location while connected to your home network).
  • In your smart device ensure the time setting is set to 24-hour format and not 12-hour format.
  • For Android: If you’re using an Android smart device it might have Smart Switching enabled. Please turn this off. You can turn this back on after set-up is complete.
  • Only use the power supply provided with the DIC-23112.

Installing the SD card

  • Always ensure the device is completely powered off before inserting or removing an SD card.
  • Remove the rubber seal and 3 securing screws.
  • Slide the DIC-23112 out of aluminium case.
  • Open the SD card cover and insert SD card ensuring it’s fully inserted.
  • Firmly push the SD card cover back in place.
  • Slide the DIC-23112 back into the aluminium case, replace securing screws.

Connecting the power cable

  • Push the power cable through the rubber seal and wire the power cable into the terminal block.
  • Connect the power cable to V+ and V- terminals (red cable to V+ and black to V-).
  • Please ensure no bare cable is exposed, as it can cause an electrical short.

Please do not put the rubber seal back in place yet.

Powering up the DIC-23112

  • First you must connect the power cable to a power supply, so plug it in and switch on. 
  • On the back of the device next to the power input there are two lights (see picture attached for reference) after 30+ seconds a red light will come on and stay steady. Also during this time a green light will start blinking, this is to indicate that the deice is ready for set up with your smart device.



In the next section “Connecting the DIC-23112 with your smart device” you’ll be asked to enter 4 different passwords:

  • The first password 12345678 is the password for the Wi-Fi network of the DIC-23112 and you won't be asked to change this password.
  • The default Security Code password 123456 is the security password for the DIC-23112 and you will be prompted to change this password to a password of your choice.
  • The default Admin Password 123456 is to access the Advanced Settings of the DIC-23112. You will be prompted to change this password to a password of your choice.
  • The fourth password you'll be asked to enter is the password of your router. Please have this ready to input when required. The DIC-23112 cannot connect to Wi-Fi that is not password protected.

Connecting the DIC-23112 with your smart device

Step 1:

  • Download the 'Smartwares View App' from Google Play / Apple app store.
  • Allow all permissions to the device , this will allow the application to fully function.

Step 2:

  • On your smart device go to Wi-Fi settings and search for Wi-Fi networks.
  • A network with a name beginning HD-xxxxx will appear, please select this network as it is the independant WI-FI source of your doorbell. 
  • When prompted on joining the network enter the password 12345678 to connect / join.
  • Remember to ignore any message that says internet may not be available.
For example:

Step 3:

  • Open the 'Smartwares View App'
  • Tap on the to add a new system and a box will appear that you need to enter information into;

System Name

  • Enter a name of your choice for your DIC-23112.


  • Enter your 'DID' code.
  • The 'DID' is the Device ID of the DIC-23112 Doorbell. This is located on a QR code on the rear of the aluminium cover.
  • You can manually enter the 'DID' or use your smart device to scan the QR code. For Android click on “Scan DID Label” and for iPhone/iPad tap on the symbol of a QR Code. ( please see attached pictures for reference between the two)

Security Code

  • Enter the Default Security Code 123456 and click on save / okay / save this system.

For Android select “Scan DID Label”. For iPhone/iPad tap on the symbol of a QR Code:Location of DID code on rear of aluminium case:
This image is for illustrative purpose only and is not your DID code.

Step 4:

  • On your screen you will either see an image from the camera or a Wi-Fi symbol.
  • Tap on the image or on the symbol (whichever has appeared) and you will be prompted to modify / change the default security code. Change this to a security code of your choice.

IMPORTANT: The set-up is not yet complete. Please follow all of the next steps.

Step 5:

You need to access Advanced Settings to connect the DIC-23112 to your home network ,also to ensure that the correct time zone for your country is selected.

  • To enter Advanced Settings tap on the settings icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • This icon will appear again on top of the image. Tap on it again. 
  • In the next screen select ‘Advanced’ and enter the Admin Password 123456. You will be prompted to change this password to one personal to yourself.
Step 6:

In Advanced Settings you need to set the correct Time Zone for your country.

  • Scroll through the menu options to 'Time Zone'.
  • Select the Time Zone for your country (for example if you're in the UK please make sure that GMT+00:00 is selected and select 'Daylight Saving').

Step 7:

Setting up the DIC-23112 to your Wi-Fi network

  • In Advanced Settings scroll to 'Wi-Fi Setting' and either select your Wi-Fi network from the list (iPhone) or select 'Manage Wi-Fi network' (Android).
  • Select your network from the list and enter the password of your Wi-Fi network.
  • A message box will pop up to say unplug Ethernet cable. Please ignore this message as it has no relevance to the DIC-23112.
  • Allow 2-3 minutes for the Doorbell to connect with your Wi-Fi.
  • After 2-3 minutes close the app and press the Wi-Fi Doorbell button to test if it works.

For further instruction please consult the quick start guide included with your Wi-Fi Doorbell or download the full manual from the website:

This solution is valid for model number DIC-23112 and DIC-23112UK

For product support:

Tel: 0345 230 1231 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:00 - 16:00 and Thursday 12:30 - 16:00)