The HomeWizard Gateway will no longer by supported and its will be Phased out. As a result, we will end support for HomeWizard gateway after 9 years. From 1 May 2020 and will no longer release new updates. We will explain what this means.

The HomeWizard remains online

The services with which you connect remotely with the HomeWizard remain online. You can continue to use the HomeWizard even though we end the support of the HomeWizard.

No more updates

The HomeWizard gateway, Android, iOS and Web app are no longer updated. The apps will remain available in the App Store and Play Store as long as they meet the requirements set by Apple and Google.

What now?

Although the Link is not the same as the HomeWizard, it is a worthy alternative. The interface is more user-friendly, the Link is faster, and the most used functions such as tasks, presets, and geofence are also in the Link. More information about the step to Link can be found below.

HomeWizard to Link