Curtains and blinds which use the Somfy RTS wireless protocol can not be connected to the Link, because it operates on a different wireless frequency. There are however multiple brands that are compatible with the Link.

Which curtains are compatible the Link?

It is possible to connect curtains from Brel, Forest, Vako or HomeWizard to the Link using a SmartSwitch. This way you can add curtains to your favourite scene, close or open blinds when you arrive/leave your home, or control them with the Link app. 

Why is it not possible to connect Somfy RTS curtains using the SmartSwitch?

Somfy operates on a different wireless frequency (433.42Mhz) for controlling their curtains than the standard wireless frequency (433.92Mhz) used by Forest, Brel, Vako and Homewizard. Therefore it is not possible for the SmartSwitch to communicate with the Somfy RTS curtains and blinds.