Location aware (geofencing) not works on HomeWizard Link with iPhone depends on which iOS you run on your iPhone. Since iOS 13, the way location permissions work (especially when 'Always allow' is required) has been changed.

iOS 12 and below

On iOS 12 and below, our apps explained why they would need location permission and requested to 'Always allow':

iOS 13

Since iOS 13, an app can't directly ask for 'Always allow' anymore.

The apps still request for 'always allow', but instead iOS lets the user only choose from 'While using app', 'Only once' and 'Don't allow'.

**At this point, the user should select** `Allow While Using App`.  The app will have location permission until it will be closed.

The first time the iPhone crosses a geofence border, the app won't be noticed immediately. Instead, iOS remembered the app actually requested 'always' and will present a new popup allowing the user to (finally) grant `Change to Always Allow` permission for the app.

Unfortunately this cumbersome user experience is due to iOS 13 limitations and not something an app can change.