The Google Assistant can be integrated into the HomeWizard Link app. This way you can use Google Home to control your HomeWizard Link devices with voice commands.

Add your link to Google Assistant

Before you continue make sure your Google Assistant enabled device is correctly setup and that you have a working Google Home account.

The following steps explain how to setup the HomeWizard Link Skill on your Google Assistant enabled device:

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard link app'
  2. Your enter  My Home’ screen
  3. In the app, go to the 'Home Settings' by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Integration'
  5. You are in the 'Integration' screen.
    • Select 'Google Assistant’ to start the integration.
      • Select ‘Download Google Assistant actie’ it will refer you to a website link or the Google Assistant app.
        • Press ‘Settings’ to install the skill onto the Google Assistant  
          • Enter your ‘email’ and ‘password' of your HomeWizard-account and then select ‘Log in’ .
          • Give access by selecting ‘ Authorise
        • Next, discover the connected devices on the HomeWizard Link by saying 'Ok Google, Sync Devices' or by clicking the 'Add Devices' -button in the Smart Home section of the Google Home app.
        • Your devices should appear in your list of discovered devices using the name given in the HomeWizard Link App.
      •  Now all setup is finished, test it by simply asking Google to turn a light on or off.
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully setup the HomeWizard Link Skill on your Google Assistant enabled device. You can now use your own voice to switch devices, or control your devices from the Google Assistant on your smartphone!

Voice control with Google

The following devices connected to your HomeWizard Link can be controlled using Google Assistent:

  • LED lamp
    • Smartwares XQ-lite 868Mhz Connected LED lamp XQ1600
    • Smartwares Connected E14 candle LED lamp HW1602
    • Smartwares Connected GU10 LED lamp HW1603
  • Colour LED lamp
    • Smartwares Connected colour lamp HW1601
  • Energy switch
    • Smartwares Energy socket
  • Dimmer
    • Smartwares Dimmer socket

Once you know the name or group of your lights, you can say the following:

LED bulb

Connected led lights 

Ok Google, Turn on the hallway light'    - Turns on the 'hallway light'.

'Ok Google, Turn off the hallway light'   - Turns on the 'hallway light'.

'Ok Google, dim the hallway light'        - Lowers the brightness of hallway light.

'Ok Google, dim the hallway light by 5 percent'  - Lowers the brightness of 'hallway light' by 5 percent.

'Ok Google, set the hallway light to warm white'  - Changes the 'hallway light' color to warm white.

Colour LED lamp

Connected Colour LED lamp also supports changing colours

Here is an example on how to change the colour to red.

'Ok Google, set the kitchen light to daylight'    - Changes the 'kitchen light' color to daylight.


Dimmer Socket:

'Ok Google, Turn on the dimmer'      - Turns on the 'dimmer'.

'Ok Google, Turn off the dimmer'     - Turns on the 'dimmer'.

'Ok Google, dim the dimmer'          - Lowers the brightness of 'dimmer'.

'Ok Google, dim the dimmer by 5 percent' - Lowest the brightness of 'dimmer' by 5 percent.

Energy switch

Energy Switch:

'Ok Google, Turn on the energy switch'   - Turn on the energy switch.

'Ok Google, Turn off the energy switch'   - Turn off the energy switch.

More informatie go to the Google Assistant website.