About Tasks

One of the main reasons customers want to control their small domestic appliances with an app, is because of automation.

In our Smarthome Pro devices, automation comes in the form of tasks. In the HomeWizard Climate app you are able to set up tasks when you want your climate device to go on or off and and you can select the mode of operation at well.

For example: you create a task where, just after sunset, the fan goes on at full speed and to decrease the speed at midnight and to go off again at 3:00am in the morning.,

Creating a task in the HomeWizard Climate app

1. Open the HomeWizard Climate app on your smartphone or tablet and select a Climate device.

2. Tap the cog symbol on the upper left corner and then tap on Schedule. 

3. Tap on Create a Task. 

4. Fill in the task parameters, like when you want your device to go on/off and what days and operation mode.

5.  Finally, tap 'Save' in the upper right corner and you're all done!