A mesh network is a wireless RF network where all participants recieve and broadcast a signal to each other, strengthening the signal in the process.

Our Mesh network exclusively works within the 868MHz frequency. The range of the frequency is excellent and only gets better the more 868Mhz accessories you have in your home. This is due to the mesh network feature.

Image 1 – Example of a mesh network

What's so good about a mesh network?

The range of the Smartwares Link and its accessories is near infinite because all accessories pass on the signal to each other. If you use switches, bulbs and plugs that participate in a mesh network, you will never have issues with range if you use said items to bridge the distance. Please check out the example below.

Can you give an example of how a mesh network would work in my home?

For example. place a Connected LED light, a Smartwares Connected Energy Socket or another accessory that works with the Smarthome Pro 868MHz frequency on the 1st floor and one on your attic, where the signal would normally not have sufficient range.

Turn on the attic light and the signal ‘hops’ from the base station (Smartwares Link) to the bulb on the 1st floor and then from that bulb on to the bulb in the attic. Of course, that bulb in the attic could me a Smartwares Connected smoke alarm, as well!

Does this mesh network work with other frequencies like 433MHz?

This feature is exclusive to the 868MHz frequency that can be found in the Smarthome Pro product range.
The 434MHz frequency would never be able to do this, mainly due to 433MHz being a one-way signal. 

Please see our website for a complete overview of which products of Smarthome Pro work in a mesh network.