With timeline you have the potential to quickly review recent events that have been recorded, you also have the possibility to view, delete and also share the event recordings.

View Timeline:

You can view your timeline per camera with the following steps:

  1. Open the   'HomeWizard camera' app.
  2. Press 'Menu' at the top right of the windows of the camera.
  3. Press  'Timeline' in the camera's menu
    • You enter the 'Timeline' screen
      • Use the bottom part of the screen by navigating the 'time'. You can see images of the selected time point during navigation.
        • Loading timeline depends on the connection and capacity of your smartphone..
      •  The 'Play' -button lights up when a recording is available at this time point. Press 'Play' button to play back a recording.
        • If the 'Play' button is dark, no recording has been made for this time point.

View recordings from timeline:

  1. As soon as you press the 'Play' -button of a recording, the recording will be canceled and will be displayed as Download.
    • The loading time of the recording depends on the speed of the SD card, your connection and the length of your recording.

When using the recording screen, the image is always displayed horizontally. This means that your smartphone always has to be rotated. 

  1. The recording will be played immediately after loading.
  2. Press the screen to pause the playback and again to play again.
  3. In the upper right corner you can share the image with ''sharing ''.
    • You can share the recordings with the well-known apps from your smartphone. (eg photo library or messages)
  4. In the bottom right corner you can delete this image with the 'Trash' button