Congratulations on the 'Smartwares HD indoor IP camera C735IP'. An indoor home camera that allows you to view surveillance images through the 'HomeWizard Cameras' app. There's also the ability to close the camera lens when you're home and open it when you leave. The camera can be connected via an Ethernet cable or a WiFi connection. The camera has infrared LEDs and can record images and sounds during the day and night.

Now the installation begins. Rest assured, this is very easy to do. It involves the following steps;

  • Install the app - Install the HomeWizard Cameras app on your smartphone.
  • Installing the camera - Preparing the camera for installation
  • Launch the app - Launch the HomeWizard Cameras app to begin the installation process
  • Place the camera inside - Mount the IP camera inside your home.

Install the app

Let's start by installing the HomeWizard Cameras app on your Android or iPhone device. On your smartphone, go to the App Store/Google Play store and search for the HomeWizard Cameras app by HomeWizard, or click the link below to install the corresponding HomeWizard Camera app directly on your smartphone.

Apple App Store


Google Play Store


Installing the camera

Before you can use the HomeWizard Cameras application, the camera must be prepared for installation.

Adapter (special)

The camera is powered by POE (Power over Ethernet).

Plug the adapter into the wall outlet and then connect the network cable to the camera's network port.

Connect the other end of the network cable to the POE port of the adapter.

TIP You can connect a network cable from the router to the adapter to establish a wired connection. To do so, use the adapter's LAN port. You can also connect directly to a POE-compatible switch, in which case the adapter is not required.


If necessary, insert the MicroSD card into the side of the camera before connecting the power cord. Gently press down until you hear a click to confirm that the card is securely in place:

For more information about MicroSD card compatibility with the camera, see Storing


Make a note of the camera's ID number. It may come in handy later when installing the camera. The ID number of the 'Smartwares HD indoor IP camera C735IP' is visible at the bottom. However, it is not visible under the base of the camera. The ID number is as shown on the rightE.g:



Launching the app

Before adding the camera to the HomeWIzard Cameras app, please note the following:

  • Started

The camera is ready for configuration when the indicator LED on the front of the camera flashes red and white. If this indicator LED does not blink, please refer to Factory Default before continuing with this procedure.

  • Distance

Take into account the distance from the wifi router to the camera. From your cell phone it is easy to check if the wifi is strong enough (number of bars). Especially the outdoor camera can be disturbed by obstacles like floors and walls with a weak wifi signal. Consult your internet provider or network specialist about the possibility to optimize your wifi network.

  • Secure wifi network 

A secure network is a requirement for the camera you want to connect. Therefore it is not possible to configure our camera on an unsecured (home) network.

  • Hidden Network

The camera cannot be set up on a hidden wifi network. 

  • Guest WiFi network

The guest wifi network does not allow connection to the camera from the router. 

  • It only works on a 2.4 Ghz network.

The higher 5Ghz wifi signal cannot cover such long distances and has more problems penetrating walls and floors. Therefore you can only install the camera on the 2.4 Ghz wifi network.

Launch the HomeWizard Cameras app on your smartphone. The app will prompt you to do the following steps, following these instructions:


  1. Open the "HomeWizard Cameras" application.
  2. You will arrive at the welcome screen. Select "Next" to begin the installation process.
  3. Enter your email address and proceed to the next screen. (Choose Sign In if you already have a HomeWizard account)
  4. If you do not yet have an account, a button will appear to create a new account by clicking 'Create Account'.
  5. Learn more about a HomeWizard account. 
  6. Enter a full name for your account
  7. Your account has been created. You are now on the home screen.

Adding the camera

  1. On the home screen, go to 'App Settings' by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select 'Add Camera 
  3. When the camera is properly connected, press 'Start installation' to add the camera to the app.
  4. Enter the camera's C-number into the app.
  5. The app will recognize the C-number and proceed to wifi. instance on 'connect to camera'
  6. A window will appear to connect to the camera's wifi connection. Press 'Connect' to continue
  7. A successful direct connection has been made. Press 'OK' to continue.
  8. Give the camera a name; 
  9. Give a name to the newly connected camera and press 'Next'.
  10. Give the camera a password: 
  11. A randomly generated password will appear. We recommend that you use this. 
  12. Press 'Use this password' if you want to use this strong password for this camera. 
  13. Press 'Customize Password' to change the password. 
  14. Your custom password requires at least 12 characters including at least one digit, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one of the following special characters ! $-_.+!*'(), 
  15. Special characters that are not accepted will be automatically removed from the password window. 
  16. TIP: Make a note of your password and keep it safe.
  17. The camera shows the wifi signals in the area.
  18. Select your wifi network
  19. Enter the wifi password of the selected wifi network and press 'Next'. 
  20. The camera is now in the process of connecting to the wifi network you selected. This process may take a few minutes (network specific).
  21. If your wifi network is not listed. Click on 'My wifi is not listed'. 
  22. It is possible that the camera cannot find your wifi network or it is incompatible. Press 'Restart' to try again.
  23. Congratulations, your camera is now connected to your wifi network. Press 'OK' to finish the procedure.


You want this camera to use a wired network connection. You can connect a network cable from the router to the adapter to make a wired connection. To do so, use the adapter's LAN connector. You can also connect it directly to a POE-compatible switch, in which case the adapter is not needed.

Place the products in your home

After completing these steps, you can place the camera in your desired location. Please consider the instructions and advice for each product. Here are the most important tips;

  • Privacy 

Placing the camera indoors

The 'Smartwares HD indoor IP camera C735IP' is an indoor camera and cannot be placed outdoors, or in a place where it can get wet or damp.

  • Preferably place the camera in the corner of the room

Every camera has a certain angle of view; anything outside that angle of view is the blind spot. Cameras in the corner of a room are difficult to reach from the blind spot.

  •  Camera not positioned too high

An IP camera placed too high and close to the object will shoot too much from above. Good for seeing if someone is walking, but useless for seeing who is walking. If cameras can only be hung up high, you may want to take some distance from the object, or hang the camera on a wall, for example.

  • Do not place the camera behind glass

When it gets dark, the infrared filter turns on for night vision and the window reflects the infrared sensor. As a result, the camera sees nothing because the infrared cannot see through the glass.

  • Pay attention to the room lighting

For optimal image results: when placing the camera in a dark corner, do not let it look into a brightly lit area. Conversely, when placing the camera in a bright place, do not let it face a dark place. For details on this camera, refer to Exposure Compensation. 

You can choose to place the camera on a flat surface or use screws to mount the camera in a position of your choice.