Congratulations on the 'Smartwares HD outdoor IP camera C924IP'. This outdoor camera that allows you to view surveillance images via a local network, an internet connection or the 'HomeWizard Cameras app'. The camera can be connected via an ethernet cable or a WiFi connection. The camera is equipped with infrared LEDs and can record images both during the day and at night. The pan / tilt function allows the user to rotate and tilt the image remotely.

Now the installation starts. Rest assured, this is very easy to do. It concerns the following steps;

Install the app - Install the HomeWizard Cameras app on your smartphone.
Installing the camera
- Prepare the camera for installation
Start the app 
- Start the HomeWizard Cameras app to start the installation procedure
Place the camera indoors 
- Mount the IP camera inside your home

Installeer the app

We start by installing the HomeWizard Cameras app on your Android device or iPhone. Go to the App Store and/or Google Play store on your smartphone and search for the 'HomeWizard Cameras app' from HomeWizard, or click on the link below to directly install the corresponding HomeWizard Camera app on your smartphone.

Apple App Store


Google Play Store


Installing the camera

Before you can use the HomeWizard Cameras app, the camera must be prepared for installation.


Mount the supplied wifi antenna to the camera.


Connect the adapter cable to the back of the camera. Then plug the adapter into a wall socket.

Ethernet cable

Connect the supplied Ethernet cable to the network port of the camera. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the router. The green LED on the Ethernet port lights up when the camera is connected to the network.

MicroSD ( optional )

If necessary, insert the MicroSD card according to special instructions from this camera.

For more information on how to connect Micro SD see: Storage

For more information about which Micro SD is suitable for the camera see: 
Inserting a MicroSD card in an Outdoor Dome camera


Note the ID number of the camera. It can come in handy later for installation of the camera. The ID number of the 'Smartwares HD outdoor pan / tilt IP camera C924IP' is visible at the bottom next to the foot. For example:


Start the app

Before you want to add the camera to the HomeWizard Cameras app, keep in mind the following:

  • Homenetwork

Make sure the camera is connected to the same network as your smartphone before you start. 

Start the HomeWizard Cameras app on your smartphone. In the app you will be asked to take the following steps, according to these instructions:


  1. Open the  'HomeWizard Cameras'-app
  2. You will be shown on the welcome screen. Select 'Next' to start the installation process.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and go to the next screen. (Choose to log in if you already have a HomeWizard account)
  4. If you do not already have an account, a button will appear to create a new account by clicking on 'Create account'
  5. Your account has been created. You will now enter the home-screen.

Adding camera

  1. Go to the home-screen 'App Settings'  by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Select 'Add Camera
  3. If the camera is connected properly, press 'Start installation' to add the camera to the app..
  4. After a few seconds, the camera is found on the home network and the ID numberappears.
    • If the ID number is not found. You can also enter the ID code manually.
    • The ID number of the camera is visible on the sideof the camera with the C723IP camera
      • The full ID code of the example is
  5. Give camera a name:
    • Give a name to the camera and then press 'Next'
  6. Give camera a password: 
    • A randomly generated passwordappears. We advise you to use a strong password.
      • Press 'Use this password' if you want to use this strong password for this camera. 
      • Press 'Own password' to adjust the password.
        • Your own password requires at least 12 characters of which at least one digit, uppercase letter, lowercase letter and one of the following special characters! $ - _ . + ! * ' ( ) ,  
      • TIP: note the password and keep it safe 
  7. The camera has been successfully added. You can now start using the camera. Press 'OK' to return to the main screen.

Do you want this camera to use a WiFi connection. Then go to this page; Connect Wi-Fi

Place the products at your home

After you have completed these steps, you can place the camera in the desired location. Keep in mind the instructions and tips of each product. The most important tips at a glance;e;

  • Place the camera indoors

The 'Smartwares HD indoor IP camera C923IP' is an indoor camera and can not be placed outside, or a place where it can get wet or damp.
Preferably place the camera in a corner of the room. From a corner you have the best overview of a room. It is also more difficult to sabotage the camera without being seen by the camera itself. 

  • Preferably place the camera in a corner of the room

A too high placed security camera that hangs close to the object, films too much from above. Good to see if someone is walking, but senseless to see who is walking. If cameras can only hang high, it is advisable to take some distance of the object, or to hang the camera on a wall, for example. 

  • Place camera at the strategic height
An outside camera should not be too low for vandals. But also not too high so that you can not recognize the face. Many factors play a role in determining the correct height. Determine a good strategy location for the camera. So not too high, but also not too low.
  • Do not place the camera behind glass
When it gets dark, the infrared light turns on for night vision, a window reflects the infrared lighting. The result is that the camera can not see anything through the reflection of the glass. If enough natural lighting is available outside, you can choose to completely switch off the infrared lighting on the camera.

Additional settings tips

You can use the supplied bracket to attach the camera to your chosen location. The connections (network connection and / or adapter connection) are located on an outdoor cable. The best thing is of course if you do not make this cable-haft visible on the outside of the wall. A hole for the cable rope must then enter through the wall. Please note that you have sufficient possibilities on the inside to remove the cable..


When drilling a hole, always drill the hole from the outside wall diagonally upwards, which prevents the entering of rainwater. To be on the safe side, sealing the hole after installing and testing the surveillance camera is recommended. In the case of a cavity wall (double wall) this can be done simply by bringing the connecting cable on the inside outwards, there drilling a larger hole and inserting the connectors through this larger hole back into the cavity (the space between the two walls). 

Stainless steel

Always use stainless steel (SS Screws) screws outside. Also under a canopy or roof edge. Rust has an adverse effect on all materials that it comes into contact with. The metal of the security camera may be damaged, the wood or plug that the screw is in may be damaged and the screw may over time give off "spores", causing brown rust streaks on the wall. Therefore always use stainless steel screws, not only for security cameras that hang in the direct rain, but also in other humid locations.

Placing the camera is personal per use, but you can keep these tips in mind.