The Smart Switch works as a hub: You can control it from your smartphone, but through the Smart Switch you can also control other devices from your phone, such as Curtain Rail.


Before starting this operation, it is recommended to disconnect the motor from the rail and place it on a table. However, the motor must remain in the stop contact. This way you have your hands free and can perform the procedure more easily. After the instance, you can put the motor back in the tent.

Adding the Brel curtain track to SmartSwitch

  1. Open the "HomeWizard lite" application.
  2. You enter : 'Home' (main screen).
  3. Press 'Add device' in the top right corner.
  4. Then select 'Window coverings / Awnings'.
  5. Then click on 'Brel awning
  6. You are in the process mode of 'connecting' the awning track. Keep this window open and go to the track motor.
  • Press the P2 button on the remote control twice

    Press the P2 learning button on the back of the remote control. Press P2 button on the remote control again. The motor is in learning mode.

  • Then press the "PAY" button on the HomeWizard - lite app. The LED indicator of the motor will flash. This indicates that the motor has received the code from the SmartSwitch on the curtain track.
  • Press 'Open or Close' to check if the motor is actually responding to the SmartSwitch. Press 'Stop' to stop the motor.