The device that has been paired is out of range of the link. This can have various causes, such as the failure of other electronics or obstacles such as concrete walls and floors. Try to solve this with the procedure below.

1. Increase the reach by pairing more connected devices.

The range is automatically increased by using multiple products that are compatible with the link. However, the devices must have a constant power supply to work. Battery powered devices cannot amplify the signal because of the battery life. 

Example scenario. A linked smoke detector that you want to place in the attic (2nd floor) is too far away from the link which is located on the ground floor. Install a colour lamp on the first floor (in between), then the colour lamp will automatically extend the range for the link to reach the smoke detector in the attic.

Range Extenders

The following devices automatically amplify the signal and you do not have to set anything up for this. Just pair it on the link.

  • LED lamp
    • Smartwares XQ-lite 868Mhz Connected LED lamp XQ1600
    • Smartwares Connected E14 kaars LED lamp HW1602
    • Smartwares Connected GU10 LED lamp HW1603
  • Colours LED lamp
    • Smartwares Connected colour bulb HW1601
  • Energy switch
    • Smartwares Connected Energy Socket SH8-90901
  • Dimmer
    • Smartwares Connected Dimmer Socket SH8-90902

Smoke detector, water detectors and door/windows -contact are NOT amplifiers 

2. Move the link (if possible)

The ideal position of your Link is different in every home, but there are a number of rules that always apply here. You can improve the signal by keeping the Link away from other electronics. In particular, devices that use the radio waves themselves can strongly disrupt the radio waves signal. In addition to electrical appliances, concrete floors and metal pipes also disrupt the signal. 

For example, the Fuse box (consumer unit)  is often a convenient place for the Link due to the placement of your router but bad for the range. The signal is directly disturbed by the collection of metal tubes and cables. A better place for your link is central in the home where a network connection and power are available.

3. Reduce the distance between the device and the link

The smaller the distance between the Link and the device, the better the connection is. If possible, move the device closer to the link.

Product details;
Smartwares SH8-95901 Link Art nr. SH8-95901