If the Link is offline and not able to operate with the HomeWizard Link app any longer, try to resolve this with the troubleshooting procedures below. You may have to repeat these procedures several times to make a good connection.

How the link works online

If the Link is offline it is useful to know how the link works when it is online. The link uses the internet to reach our server, and then from our server back to the HomeWizard link app on your smart device. If however the Link loses it's connection in any way, the link is offline and can no longer be reached and operated.

1. Reset the link

You can perform a reset by temporarily removing the plug from the link and powering it down. After a few seconds you can replace the plug back and the LED indicator will start to flash. The link will work again when both lights are a solid blue once more.

2. Check if the link has power

Are you sure that your link has power? The LED indicator will always light up solid blue. If that is not the case, the link has no power. The link is powered with the supplied USB adapter. The USB adapter connects to the link via a Mini USB cable.

  • Check whether the adapter works. If in doubt, you can temporarily use a mobile phone charger if it has a USB connection. (5V volt)
  • Check the mini usb cable, there may be a cable break. If so replace the cable.
  • Check whether power is supplied to the socket itself and it is switched on.

3. Check the Network/Ethernet cable

Check if your link is connected to your router. It must be physically connected to the router with the included network cable as the Link doesn't have a wireless connection with your router. Also make sure that your router is powered on.

  • Check the network cable for any breaks and replace if necessary

4. Do you have Internet at home?

Does your router have an internet connection? - You may have problems with your internet connection. Check whether your other devices are online and contact your internet service provider (ISP) if necessary.

  • Reset the router
  • Contact you’re internet service provider (ISP).

Need more help

Did you go through all of the steps mentioned above and you still could not add your camera; Then contact our technical support desk.