Congratulations on obtaining the 'HomeWizard Link' package. Now the installation begins. Rest assured this is very easy to do. We have also created a video to give an impression of how the installation proceeds.

The steps are as follows;

  • Install the app - Install the HomeWizard link app on your smartphone.

  • Launch the app -  Launch the HomeWizard Link app to start the installation procedure 

  • Place the link in your home - Place the link in your home to begin 

Install the app

Let's begin by installing the HomeWizard Link app on your Android device or iPhone. Navigate to the App or Play store and install the HomeWizard Link from HomeWizard App. Or click on the link below to directly install the corresponding HomeWizard Link app on your smartphone.



Google Play Store


Launch the app

Start the HomeWizard Link on your phone. In the app you'll be asked to add the products step by step. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the'HomeWizard link' app
  2. You enter the welcome screen. Select ‘Getting started‘ to start the installation process.
  3. Enter your email address and go to the next screen (it checks if you already have a HomeWizard online account).
  4. If you don’t have an account a button appears. To make a new account press on “create an account".
    • Enter your name
  5. Press on “Continue with step 2
  6. Remove the link from the packaging. To be able to connect to the link, the QR code on the bottom must be scanned with your camera. Press "scan QR code" to do so.
    • The app asks your smartphone to allow access to the camera. Give access by pressing YES to scan the QR code.
    • If the app does not detect a QR code you can enter the QR code manually by pressing “enter manually”.
      • This 15 character validation code (XXXXX - XXXXXXX) is located just above the QR code.
  7. Connect the power supply and network cable from the link. The network cable must connect to your modem or router. Press 'next' if you have done this now.

    Power adapter

    Put the smaller end of the USB cable into the link, and the other end into the supplied adapter. You can now put the adapter into the power outlet to power the HomeWizard link.

    Network cable

    Connect the network cable to a free port on your router or modem and connect the other side of the cable to the link.

  8. Search for the link. This can take up to 1 minute. If the connection lasts longer than 1 minute, check that both blue lights are lit continuously on the link. The app will automatically proceed to the next step. If this does not work, check the following:
    • Do you not see any blue lights? - Make sure the power cable is connected properly and try again.
    • Do you only see the 'power' light? - Make sure the network cable is properly connected and try again.
    • Do you see the 'connection' light flashing? - Make sure there is a working internet connection. If this is the case and the 'connection' light continues to flash, contact your Internet Service Provider.
  9. Link is connected. Prepare the link now. This can take a couple of minutes. Please do not exit the app or this will disconnect the link.
  10. On the next step the link needs a name. Enter the name then press “Next
    • For example: Family Jones
  11. At this step the app will ask ‘Where do you live’? The link needs to know your location to determine your local sunrise and sunset time. This is necessary if you want to turn your light on when its gets dark.
    • The app asks your smartphone to access your location. Give access by pressing YES.
  12. Let's connect some devices. The link setup is now complete. Please scan the QR code on the packaging to determine what devices need to be paired. Press “Next" do so or press skip setup to add devices later.

Place the products in your home

After successfully completing steps 1 and 2 you can place the devices that you set up in the desired places in your home. Please take each product's instructions and tips into account.

Connecting devices to the Link

Depending on the package you received, you can start pairing. Please see here:

Instruction manual

See the Smartwares Link SH8-95900 instruction manual below.