With integration you can add cameras to the link, then you can view the most recent screenshot of your cameras on the HomeWizard Link.

About Cameras 

The HomeWizard cameras app was made to safely and effortlessly monitor your home and navigate through your recordings. With motion detection zones you can specifically record the events that matter to you.

Which cameras are supported?

The camera integration feature is available for the following types of Smartwares cameras;


Before you add the this camera to the link take note of the following:

  • Must already be installed - Before you can connect them you need to create an account and set up the cameras in their 'HomeWizard cameras' app beforehand.

The following steps explain how to add the cameras as an integration in the HomeWizard Link App:

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard link app'
  2. Your enter  My Home’ screen
  3. In the app, go to the 'Home Settings' by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Integration'
  5. You are in the 'Integration' screen.
    • Select 'SmartSwitch cameras’ to start the integration.
      • Select ‘cameras ’ it will refer you to a website link .
        • Enter your ‘email’ and ‘password' of the HomeWizard-account and then select ‘Log in’ .
          • Give access by selecting on ‘Authorise
        • A screen will show that the authorization is complete. You can now close the web window and return to the HomeWizard link app.
  6. Congratulations, you have added a Smartwares camera as an integration in to the HomeWizard link. A tile is been added to the control tab and you can view the most recent screenshot of your camera on the HomeWizard Link.

It is important to realise that everyone who has access to your Link will also be able to view the most recent screenshot of your camera.

Once added, it is possible to operate the camera.

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard link app'
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Control’.
  3. You are in the “Control" screen. Find the camera in the added room.
    • Hold down the ‘tile’’ of the camera for a long time to ‘EDIT’.
      • Your are now in the ‘Device settings’ of the camera you wish edit;
        • View the most recent screenshot of the camera
        • Press 'Go to HomeWizard camera app' to redirect your phone back to the HomeWizard camera app.