A dimmer socket is a wall socket that switches and dims light up to a 200 watt load. Before you can use this dimmer socket properly you have to add it to the Link. The following type of dimmer socket can be added to the link;


Adding The dimmer socket to the Link 

Before you add the dimmer socket to the link take note of the following: 

  • Pair only one at a time 

You can only add one connected dimmer at a time. Adding multiple dimmer units at the same time can result in unwanted behaviour. 

  • Use only the correct lamps in the connected dimmer 

With the connected dimmer you can dim (compatible) lamps up to 200 watts. Check whether these device/lamps meet these requirements. 

  • Don’t plug the dimmer socket in just yet 

Don't plugin the dimmer socket in the wall. If you have accidentally done so already don’t worry. Make sure that the dimmer socket is switched off before you start the procedure. 

The following steps explain how to add the dimmer in the HomeWizard Link App 

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard link' app 
  2. Go to the  'My Home' tab at the bottom right of the screen. (automatically when opening app)
  3. In the app, go to the 'Home Settings' by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner
  4. Select 'Add devices'
  5. You are in the 'Add new devices' screen.
    • Select Dimmer’ to add a dimmer socket in the link. 
    • If everything is well prepared, press 'next' to start the pairing process. 
    • Switch on the dimmer in the socket during the pairing process. The indicator LED will start flashing rapidly, to indicate that it is attempting to pair.
    • Follow the further instructions on the app. 
  6. Congratulations, you have added a dimmer socket to the HomeWizard link. 

Once added, it is possible to operate the dimmer socket

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard app'  
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on Control’.
  3. You are in the 'control' screen. Find the LED lamp in the added room.
    • Tab once on the 'tile’ of the LED bulb to turn the light ‘ON’ or ‘OFF
    • Hold down the tile’’ of the LED bulb for a long time to ‘EDIT’.
      • Your are in the ‘Device settings’ of the connected dimmer you can now edit;
        • Press the ‘slider’ to dim the light.
        • Press  'History' to view the history of the LED bulb
        • Press  Device setting’ to change the name, toggle favourite position or manage automation

Placing and installation of the dimmer socket

The dimmer socket can be placed in every socket within the range of the link.

1. Placing the dimmer socket

Place the dimmer at the desired location. The dimmer socket must only be placed indoors and within the range of the link.

2. Pairing mode

When you first plug in the dimmer Socket and switch it on, the indicator LED will start flashing rapidly, to indicate that it is attempting to pair. At this stage press 'next' in the app. The pair procedure stops after 10 seconds or so, If the pairing is successful, test that it has paired, it is then ready to be used.

3. Manual Operation

You can also use the 'button' on the socket to turn the socket ON or OFF. You can also Press and hold this button to cycle through the brightness levels manually if you wish. Once you have reached maximum brightness the device will start dimming again. Keep the button held in until you have reached the desired brightness

Instruction manual

See the following document here under for the instruction manual of the Smartwares Connected Dimmer Socket SH8-90902