If you would like to be able to operate multiple lighting or switches at the same time easily and quickly, then using scenes is the method used for the link. In a scene you decide how lights or switches behave in a given way. A scene can only be made per room. A scene in the living room can be for example: Watching movies, eating, all lights on etc, the choice is endless. 

This way you can create multiple desired scenes for each room. Once you have created the desired scene, then after one press of that scene all of your lights or switches will act in a preset way, such as setting a cool or warm white effect, or colour if an RGB lamp is used and /or the level of brightness required. 

How do I add a scenes in a room? 

  1. Open the  'HomeWizard app'  
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on Control’. 
  3. Tap the  'Room' icon in the top left corner.
  4. Tap the 'room' you want to add a scenes. 
  5. Swipe down on the main screen. 
  6. The Create scene’ buttons appears, press on it. 
  7. You are in the “New scene" screen.
    • Name : Select ‘Scene name’ to give a name for the scene you want to create. 
    • Icon: Select ‘icon’ to change the icon for the scene you require. 
    • Favourite : Enable if you want to add the scene in favourites. 
      • After you have changed the scene name and chose an icon, you can specify in the list which behaviour the devices should do in the room. 
      • The options vary per device. But generally the choice is; 
        • No action 
        • Off 
        • On -dimming position, white (cool/warm-adjustable) , color - adjustable 
      • Press 'Save' to save your new scene. 
  8. Congratulations, the scenes is now added to the room.