A door/window sensor is a smart magnetic contact that informs you if a door or window is open or closed. Before you can use this door/window sensor properly you have to add it to the Link. The following type of door/window sensor can be added to the link; 


Adding The Door/Window sensor to the link 

Before you add the door/window sensor to the link take note of the following: 

  • Only add one sensor at a time 

You can only add one door/windows sensor at a time. Adding multiple sensor at the same time can result in unwanted behaviour.

  • Pairing for the first time  When you first remove the item from it's packaging, do not pull the battery saving tab out just yet. If no tab is present however, simply remove the battery from the door/window sensor. Pry off the top cover of the sensor to access the battery

The following steps explain how to add the door / window sensor in the HomeWizard Link App 

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard link' app 
  2. Go to the  'My Home' tab at the bottom right of the screen. (automatically when opening app)
  3. In the app, go to the 'Home Settings' by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner
  4. Select 'Add devices'
  5. You are in the 'Add new devices' screen.
    • Select Door/windows -sensor’ to add a sensor in the link. 
    • If everything is well prepared, press 'next' to start the pairing process. 
      • Remove the tab from the door/windows sensor, or if no tab
      • Replace the battery back in the door/window sensor, ensuring the polarity is correct. 
        • Follow the further instructions on the app. 
  6. Congratulations, you have added a door/windows sensor to the HomeWizard link. 

Once added, it is possible to operate the door/windows sensor. You will be notified of it's status via the app.

  1. Open the  'HomeWizard app'  
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on ‘Control’.
  3. You are in the “Control" screen. Find thedoor/windows sensor in the added room.
    • View on the 'tile’ of the door/window sensor to view if the sensor is ‘OPEN’ or ‘CLOSED
    • Hold down the ‘tile’’ of the door/windows sensor for a long time to ‘EDIT’.
      • Your are in the ‘Device settings’ of the door/windows sensor you can now view and edit;
        • See the if the sensor is open of closed
        • Press  'History' to view the history of the sensor
        • Press  Device setting’ to change the name, toggle favourite position or manage automation.

Installation of the Door/Window sensor

1. Placing the Door/Window sensor

Choose a door or windows you would like to monitor. Find a suitable location for installation. Alwaysattach the sensor to the corner of a door or window.

This device is designed for interior use only.

2. Install the Door/Window sensor and magnet strip

Use the double-sided tape to mount the sensor. Do the same for the magnet strip. You should install the magnet near the sensor. It is advised to install the magnet strip on top of or on the inside of the window/door frame, just ensure they are not too far apart.

3. Operation

The sensor will send an alert to the link when the door or window is open. If the cover of the device is removed when in use, the device will transmit a 'tamper' message. If the cover is replaced, the device will resume to it's normal state.

4. Replacing the battery

To replace the battery, pry off the top cover of the sensor, remove the old battery with a screwdriver then install the new battery and replace the lid. Make sure the polarity of the battery is correct.

The battery required is a 'CR2450' 3V cell battery

Battery life

The door/window sensor has a battery life of ± 3 years. When the battery is reaching the end of its useful life, the connected HomeWizard link will be notified and likewise will inform you in the app to replace the battery accordingly. The link will not forget the connection during the battery change process however.

Instruction manual

See the following attachment below for the instruction manual of the Smartwares SH8-90401 Door/window sensor