Location aware allows you to automatically switch the home state based on the location of your phone. When the last person is more then 100 meters away from your home, the home state ‘everyone away’ will activate. When the first person 

to arrive comes closer and opens a door the home state ‘someone home’ will activate. This service also depends upon the the Smartphone you use.

Setup location aware

You can enable location aware as follows:

  1. Open the  'HomeWizard link' app.
  2. Go to the 'Users tab' tab at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select  ’Location Aware
    • Enable the name of the HomeWizard link to allow location awareness on the HomeWizard Link
    • Select 'Enable prevention lighting' on or off as desired.

Using location aware with multiple family members

  • With several users, everyone must have this activated with their own account on their smartphone. When the last user leaves, the house status changes to 'everyone away', the first to arrive ensures that the house status then goes to 'someone home'
  • You will be notified in the following situations: when you leave, when other people leave and if windows / doors are still open after the last person has left.
  • Every user of the Link has to have this installed otherwise Geofence will NOT work.

Location & Privacy

Your privacy matters to us. Therefore we have engineered the HomeWizard Link app in a way that your location is not being shared with us, nor continuously monitored by the app (even the app does not know your exact location, only your phone does). Only the Link knows whether you are home, within range (100m from your home) or away, but your exact location is never stored or gathered.