Move the new device closer to the controller.

The ideal position of your Smart Switch is different in each home, but there are some rules that always apply. You can improve the RF signal of the Smart Switch by keeping it away from other electronics. Especially devices that use the same radio waves can greatly disturb the RF signal for the controller. Another tip is to place the Smart Switch on a central location in your home. The smaller the distance between the Smart Switch and the device that will use the connection, the better the connection will be. In addition to electrical devices, concrete floors and metal pipes also disturb the signal. The meterbox, for example, is often a bad place for the HomeWizard lite. The signal is immediately disturbed by the metal tubes and cables. A better place for your Smart Switch is hanging on a wall or on top of a bookcase.

  • Reduce the distance between the Smart Switch and the device. 
  • Keep the Smart Switch away from other electronic devices.

  • We recommend placing the controller as central as possible in your house.
    • Do not forget that the Smart Switch must be within the WiFi range in every outlet.

Clearing device memory

During the learning process, a code is sent from the Smart Switch to the device you want to link. But this code is also stored on the device itself.  The device can store multiple codes (multiple remote controls) in it's memory. But if the memory of the device is full, the transmitted code of the Smart Switch can not be saved. Clearing the memory of the device you want to link is different for each device. Please refer to the manual of your device.

  • Clear the memory of the device you want to connect.

Make sure you are using a compatible device and the device is in pairing mode.

The Smart Switch does not work with every Radio frequency device. In addition to radio frequency technology (433Mhz), the Smart Switch must also have the correct 'protocol'. See the list with devices that can be connected.

  • Verify that the device is compatible with the Smart Switch