My SmartSwitch does not work.

  1. Make sure the Smart Switch is properly connected to the power outlet.
  2. Check whether the Smart Switch LED indicator is steady green at the cloud icon. If the LED indicator of the Smart Switch is still green, check whether you can switch the Switch with the HomeWizard Lite app. It is possible that your phone may not have a connection to the internet. If the LED indicator on the SmartSwitch flashes green, there is no connection to the server. Reinstall the controller and verify that your Wi-Fi access point has an internet connection.If the LED indicator on the Smart Switch does not light at all, there is no Wi-Fi connection. Check whether your Wi-Fi is still operational and otherwise reinstall the Switch.
  3. Make sure that the Smart Switch is placed close to a Wi-Fi point. Be aware that metal objects or other electronic devices can negatively affect the wireless range
  4. If you have another Wi-Fi access point, try another Wi-Fi to confirm that your Wi-Fi is not the cause. Het