1. Check the LEDS on the controller. If the green led is on your controller is online. Check if you can switch the controller itself from the app. If not your phone may not have connection to internet. BLINKING: there is no connection to the server, re-insert the controller into the outlet and check if your Wi-Fi acces point has internet connection. OFF: There is no Wi-Fi connection. Check if your Wi-Fi is still operational and re-install the controller if necessary by deleting the current controller in the app settings and adding the controller again. (this will not delete any data)

  2. Make sure the controller is close enough to your Wi-Fi. Preferably in line of sight. Be aware that metal objects or other electronic devices may have a negative influence on the wireless range.

  3. If you have another Wi-Fi access point, try a different Wi-Fi to confirm your Wi-Fi is not the cause.