In the vast majority of cases, the Smart Switch connects wirelessly to the wireless network after the initial configuration. If this is not the case, always follow the steps in this article first.

  1. If the LED indicator stops blinking from the Smart Switch after the first attempt, always configure the Smart Switch again. It may be accidentally entered an incorrect password during the first attempt.
  2. Confirm that the wifi range is sufficient where the Smart Switch placed.
  3. Does the Smart Switch handle the router practically (less than 50cm distance)? Then try to place it slightly further from it.
    • Never place the modem adapter in the Smart Switch.
  4. If it still blinks red, this is usually the router settings.
    • Note that the password for the Wi-Fi network is entered correctly. If necessary, copy this password from the router to prevent any typo errors.
    • Verify that the wifi standard is also enabled with 2.4 GHz. The Smart Switch can not be wired with the 5 Ghz Wi-Fi standard
    • If 'MAC address filtering' is enabled, always add the Smart Switch MAC address before connecting. The Smart Switch's MAC address is located on the back of the controller itself.
    • Establish that the Wi-Fi network is not a guest Wi-Fi network. Guest networks have certain rights that the SmartSwitch can not be connected to.