Customize my SmartSwitch password

The SmartSwitch password is linked to your HomeWizard account. You can change your HomeWizard account on our website using the procedure below;

  1. Go to (on another computer or laptop) and click on 'Log-in' (top corner).
  2. Log in with your HomeWizard account that you created with your HomeWizard lite app to continue.
  3. Once you have logged in click on 'Account details' on the left side of the menu
  4. Then press 'Change password'
  5. Enter the current password and with new password and confirm new password the desired password.
  6. Then press 'Save'

Your HomeWizard account as the SmartSwitch is now adjusted to the desired password.

After this action you must also implement this change with the Homewizard-Lite app.