When using a Smart Switch, you need have a HomeWizard account. If you already have an account, you can use the Smart Switch with your HomeWizard-Online account. Press 'Log in'  when you open the HomeWizard Lite-app for the first time. 



Should it fail to login with your HomeWizard-online account on the Smart Switch check the following useful tips to make it work again.

Check your credentials

To access the HomeWizard-Online you only need your email-address and password. If you are not sure if your credentials are right, please go to website www.homewizard.com (on a different device) and press 'log-in' in the top corner  and log in to check if your email and password (credentials) are correct. If not, you can always reset your password by pressing 'forgot password'. After this, you will receive an email within 24 hours to change your password.


  • When checking the settings, the account password is required.

Check if your phone has internet connection. 

Check if your smartphone has an internet connection. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Restart the device. Some problems can be fixed by rebooting the device. Turn off your smartphone, and then start it again.

  2. Verify that your Smartphone wifi is turned on.
  3. Verify that your Smartphone mobile internet is turned on. In order to acces the internet, the correct settings are required on your smartphone. Contact your mobile provider's customer service to help you out.

Check if the app is on the latest iOS or Android version.

Check if the ‘‘HomeWizard Lite’’ app from the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore is the latest version. Or click on the link below to directly (re)install or update the HomeWizard lite app on your smartphone or tablet.


HomeWizard Lite

Google Play Store

HomeWizard lite