Install your SmartSwitch

Congratulations on obtaining the 'Smart Switch' package. Now the installation begins. Rest assured because this is very easy. 

1. Install the app

Download the ‘‘HomeWizard Lite’’ app from the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore on your phone or tablet, or click on the link below to directly install the corresponding HomeWizard lite app on your smartphone or tablet.


HomeWizard Lite

Google Play Store

HomeWizard lite

2. Launch the app

Start the HomeWizard lite app on your device. Follow the instructions in the app.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Enter your credentials below to connect your 'Smart Switch' to your home Wi-Fi network. You can change the Wi-Fi network by connecting your phone to the network you want the controller to connect to.


WiFi networkname (SSID)
WiFi network password (WPA2)

For security purposes, the controller can not be linked to an unsecured WiFi network. Using a Wi-Fi password is required by the controller.

Learning modes

To connect the Smart Switch to your Wi-Fi we need to activate the learning mode. Plug the Smart Switch in a power outlet. Press and hold (for ± 5 seconds) the big button on the Smart Switch until the red power light starts to blink.

Connecting the Smart Switch to the network

Then press 'Yes, it's blinking red' to continue. The app connects to your controller trough your network.

Should the connection fail, you will be accompanied by 'Direct Connection'. CLICK HERE for more information about Direct connection.

Name your Smart Switch

Please enter your desired   for your Smarthome Controller en press Done.

3. Place the Smart Switch in your home

Congratulations! The HomeWizard-lite app is ready. The Smart Switch is fully installed on your home network. It is possible to operate the Smart switch inside or outside your home network with the HomeWizard-lite app.

Place the Smart switch at a central location in your home for an optimal range. Do not place the Smart switch near other (interfering) wireless devices and / or large metal objects.