"Pairing a devices on the Home Wizard link is only connected when the unit is powered during the learning process"

Insert the smart LED bulb in the fixture by turning it into the socket. Burn the lamp right? Put this with the wall and / or light switch or turn the lamp piece from the fixture until the lamp goes out. If possible, could also remove the plug as temporary. If the lamp temporarily has no power. Make sure that the LED lamp within 5 meters of the HomeWizard-link contained while pairing.

LED lamp linked to the Home Wizard-link

  1. Start the ThuisVeilig app a go to 'Apparaten' at the bottom of the app.
  2. Click on '+' right to add a device.
  3. Select 'LED lamp'.
  4. The learning process in order to couple the LED lamp is started.
    • Turn on the wall and / or light switch. The lamp will burn
    • Turn the bulb clever hand until this fire
    • Place the plug back in the socket.
  5. Give the LED lamp a name.
  6. Press 'Gereed'.

Congratulations, the LED lamp is now linked to the ThuisVeilig-app.