"Pairing a devices on the Home Wizard link is only connected when the unit is powered during the learning process"

At the time when you first get out of the package the water detector. Locate a red tab in the water detector. Remove these yet!
If no red tab is present, it must remove all batteries from the water detector. Press the two clips underneath the water detector toward each other and lift the top of the base. Click the insert according loose. Remove the batteries and keep it saved. Make sure the water sensor within 5 meters of the HomeWizard link contained while pairing.

Water detector linked to the HomeWizard link

  1. Start the ThuisVeilig app a go to 'Apparaten' at the bottom of the app.
  2. Click on '+' right to add a device.
  3. Select 'Watermelder'.
  4. The learning process in order to couple the water sensor is started.
    • Remove the red tab from the water detector.
    • Replace the three AAA batteries into the water detector, the polarity. (Insert the plus and minus on the right side)
      Click the insert on the base and place the top over again so snap the two clips.
  5. Give the water detector name.
  6. Press 'Gereed'.

Congratulations, the water detector is now linked to the ThuisVeilig app.