PARTIAL ARM is a feature that allows you to turn on certain detectors while other detectors are not on

For example, turn on magnetic contacts only when you're in the house, so you won't be seen by motion detectors.

Or you can secure a home office while alarms in the rest of the house are not turned on.

You can create 2 groups of detectors that can be activated separately, PARTIAL ARM 1 and PARTIAL ARM 2.

The detectors in which PARTIAL ARM 1 or 2 is activated are the ones that are active when you activate PARTIAL ARM 1 or 2 on the system.

Press the Pin code 

You will see "USER SETUP". Now press "3. 

You will see "ENTER ZONE NUMBER 01-32".

Enter the number of the detector you want to partially activate and press 

Press until you see "PARTIAL ARM 1" or "PARTIAL ARM 2". 

You will see "* YES" "# NO".

Press now to activate the PARTIAL ARM function.

Press and hold until you exit the menu.

You can also activate PARTIAL ARM 1 and 2 on a detector.

Now press the center button on the remote control once or twice to set the system to PARTIAL ARM 1 or 2.

Any detector where you have set PARTIAL ARM 1 or 2 to on will now be activated.