A remote control must first be registered

You can register a total of 6 remotes, 1 for ADMIN and 1 for each of the 5 USERS.

The first remote control is therefore registered under ADMIN.

Subsequent remote controls are registered under another user instead of ADMIN.

If an a.b. is registered under a user who already has an a.b. the first one will not work anymore.

Adding a remote control user

1: Pressure Description: Key administrator code Description: Enter Display gives 1 user configuration

2: Press now Description: Enter Display displays 1-1 Administrator configuration

3: Now press Description: Arrow down to select the desired USER.

4: Press now Description: Enter Display shows: 1 password.

5. 5. Now press Description: arrow below 6. Remote

6: Press now Description: Enter you will now see the learning ID.

7: Press now Description: Enter and you will see Learning ...

8: Now press any button on the remote control to learn the remote control.

Now waiting Description: Escape pressed to exit the menu.